President.....Jeff Eastburn   541-331-3649
Vice-president.....Marshal Curran 541-882-3933

Secretary......Vicky Davis
Treasurer.....Laura Limb
NFMS Director.....Kathy Milem
NFMS Junior Delegate.....Alyssa Carnes
Member at Large.....Marvin Stump
Past President.....Doris Newnham

Meetings are held at the Klamath County Museum Meeting Room – Main & Spring Streets, using the
WEST ENTRANCE.  Meetings are held on 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm with the exception of
December when we have our Christmas Luncheon and Party.

Visitors are Cordially Invited to Attend
Dues are $1
3.50 per year per adult ($25 for couples plus $1 per child up to $30), $8.50 ages 16-18
and free for juniors ages 15 and under whose parents pay dues.  They are paid for the year beginning
September 1st and ending August 31th.  You are delinquent as of October 1st and are given a 60 day
grace period.  After December 31st your name will be removed from the mailing list.

The Club mailing address is:
PO Box 1803
Klamath Falls OR  97601

Dusty Rocks is published at least 10 times a year prior to the 2nd Monday meeting of the coming month.
Its purpose is to inform the reader about club activities, Federation news, provide educational
articles, shop hints, safety tips and to share information and a laugh or two!
All material in this bulletin may be reprinted if proper credit is given.  Exchange bulletins welcome.
Members are urged to contribute items for the bulletin.  All items to be published should be in the
hands of the editor, no later than the 25th of the month preceding publication.

Newsletter Editor......Jennifer Zimmerlee

To promote popular interest, knowledge and understanding in the various earth sciences, as in Geology,
Mineralogy, Paleontology and Lapidary and other related subjects.  To sponsor and provide means of
coordinating the work and efforts of all persons interested therein.

The club participates in the NFMS stamp program, saving large commemorative, airmail, precanceled,
foreign and “ordinary” stamps of all values.  Proceeds from stamp sales will be used to benefit any
charity deemed worthy by the NFMS Endowment Fund.
We also collect pop lid tabs which will be sold with the proceeds going to support and purchase dialysis

Sunshine..........Christine Chance
Programs..........Marshal Curran
Greeter/Door Prize..........Rachel Limb
Refreshments..........Christine Chance
Historian..........Heidi Eli
Librarian..........Jessica Limb
Claims Rep..........Garwin Carlson
Field Trips..........Jeff Eastburn
Show Chair..........Jen Zimmerlee
Asst Show Chair..........Marvin Stump
Safety Officer..........Jeff Eastburn
Webmaster..........Denise Sebastian

We are affiliated with & support:
Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies
   American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

THE NORTHWEST NEWSLETTER is published 10 times a year (not published in December or
August).  Copies are sent to each member’s household.  The cost is included in your annual dues.
Two free copies of the AFMS NEWSLETTER are mailed to each member club.  Subscriptions are
available at $3.50 for 9 issues (not published in July or August and the December/January issues are
combined).  Send payment to the American Federation and mail to PO Box 26523
Oklahoma City OK 73126.

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We are a member of the Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies,
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We are also affiliated with & support:
American Federation of Mineralogical Societies
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